What is predicted to happen in the NHL?

Hockey fans should be enthusiastic about the next coming years because the NHL 2018 is set to be an eventful season for the professional hockey league. There are many predictions for what will happen in the upcoming seasons of matches for the National Hockey League. And many fans are waiting with bated breath to see whether or not if the teams that they are rooting for will end up making it this next season for the NHL. If you are a fan of hockey, then you will have a lot of events and things to look forward to. Here are some predictions for the NHL.

With the strong performance in the past year by the Toronto Maple Leafs, many sports and hockey analysts are expecting them to make it all the way to the Stanley Cup. These playoffs are one of the most competitive matches in the world of NHL, but because of the good performance of the Maple Leafs, many are expecting them to reach this. Another strong contender for the Stanley Cup is the Pittsburgh Penguins team. They have got a strong performance in the past few seasons of the NHL too, so many fans are expecting that they will return to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

There are other predictions for the NHL too. The Chicago Blackhawks have been having the past good seasons. So good, in fact, that many people are expecting them to win the Stanley Cup this new season of the NHL. They are going to be the team to beat if they continue with their strong leading in the NHL. Many NHL fans are also going to be excited for 2018 because it will be the time when the NHL will agree to participate in the Olympics at PyeongChang. These are just some of the predictions for NHL 2018.